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Business Spotlight: Potahto

Founder, Daphne Lee

Creative & Stylish Plant Products, Home Decor & Gifts

What products does Potahto offer?

We offer air plants, planters, cork bark wall hangings, and moss decor.

What motivated you to start your business?

Years spent navigating the corporate world had left me feeling unfulfilled, craving a deeper sense of purpose. I embarked on a journey to create something meaningful, and turned to my love for home aesthetics and plants. The path into entrepreneurship started on Etsy, a creative platform that enables testing and fine-tuning of our products. Nothing is more gratifying than to offer what brings joy while enriching the lives of our customers.

What makes Potahto unique?

Our distinctive designs, coming out with original decor ideas catering to customers seeking low-maintenance and stylish greenery options help set us apart in the natural decor market. We also have the ability to take custom requests that help address specific customer needs.

How has your experience been owning a business located in Rockville?

It has been incredible and I can’t ask for a better location. Rockville is a major economic hub, it’s business-friendly with access to resources like the MWBC Shop Local business incubator program. Being in a vibrant urban town center with residents living within walking distance, it has made our store their easy go-to when it comes to shopping for gifts or for themselves. Rockville is also a destination for many (for personal and work) from outside the city and state, hence exposing my business to a wider audience which is a real boon.

Where do you see your business in 5 years from now?

We see our products in more plant stores and garden centers throughout the country, coast to coast. And filling our team with creative people to help further enhance our brand in spreading joy and improving the well-being of our customers through our plant and natural decor products. And building upon our workshop offerings to empower more people to get in touch with their creativity and offering fun, meaningful experiences.

About Potahto

Potahto has been dedicated to bringing the beauty of nature and plant-inspired decor products to our customers. Our mission is to offer home and plant decor items that are accessible and inclusive for everyone, and to spread joy while doing it. We craft unique natural decor items for homes and offices, bringing life to tabletops and transforming ordinary walls into stunning vertical garden displays.

Learn more about Potahto at www.potahto.com

Follow Potahto on Facebook and Instagram

Visit Potahto at MWBC Shop Local – Rockville Town Center through June 2024 at 36D Maryland Ave, Rockville, MD 20850 

MWBC Shop Local is a retail incubator program of the Maryland Women’s Business Center (MWBC).

Business Spotlight: Gold City Jewelers

Owners, Anita and Sab Bhatia

Luxury 22 Karat Gold Jewelry. Generations of Expertise. Exceptional Service.

What services does Gold City Jewelers offer?

We are a full-service jewelry store serving the DMV for the last 29 years. We offer everything from solitaire diamonds to diamond jewelry to custom jewelry to unique 22kt gold handcrafted pieces. You’ll find everyday chains, gold and silver bullion, and children’s jewelry, as well. We also offer same-day repairs and gold buying.

What motivated you to start Gold City Jewelers?

I married into a family of jewelers from India—it has been their family business for many generations. My husband’s main business was jewelry manufacturing and diamond wholesale, so I got a first-hand look at the inner working of the jewelry industry. Once my children were old enough, I decided to start my own business selling 22kt jewelry. It started with weekend trunk shows in hotels and with the support and guidance from my husband, and 29 years later, here we are.

What makes Gold City Jewelers unique?

Our diversity, quality, and knowledge of jewelry makes us unique. We have large inventory of solitaire diamonds and engagement rings, everyday diamond pieces, and handcrafted 22kt pieces that are one-of-a-kind. Gold City really has a complete inventory of jewelry that can fit any person for any day and any occasion.

Why did you choose to run your business in Rockville?

Rockville is the largest business hub in Montgomery County. We also chose Rockville because of it’s diversity.

Where do you see your business in 5 years from now?

One of our best suits is being adaptable, and because of this, we’ll ride smoothly into all the future trends of jewelry with ease–from natural to sustainable, to styles that range from over-the-top to minimal. Jewelry is here to stay; styles will change or simply rotate, and we’re here to provide whatever the customer has in mind. My son Vikram is the face of the next generation here at Gold City, and for our business to continue to adapt, grow, and go into the next phase, his presence will continue to make an impact. He has worked at Tiffany & Co. and the Rolex Boutique-Tourneau during his time in NYC and we’re excited to see where his expertise will take us.

About Gold City Jewelers

Gold City Jewelers is a woman-owned, family-run business established in 1995. Quality comes first here, designed to be treasured through generations. Find it all, from solitaire pieces, including engagement rings and tennis necklaces, to everyday diamonds that convey a cool nonchalance. 

Learn more about Gold City Jewelers at www.goldcityjeweler.com

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Visit Gold City Jewelers at 451 Hungerford Dr, #107, Rockville, MD 20850

Business Spotlight: MaximBio

Maxim Bio
Joe Maa, CEO and President

"Innovation for a Healthier World"

What services does MaximBio offer?

Maxim Biomedical is a leading developer and manufacturer of lateral flow and diagnostic technologies. We partner with leading healthcare companies and government agencies to help bring a range of diagnostic devices to market through our full range of turnkey services from development and prototyping all the way through scale up and high-volume manufacturing.

What motivated you to start MaximBio?

Maxim Biomedical was founded in 2005 in an effort to enhance global health through the development and manufacture of trusted diagnostic solutions. Maxim launched the business through multiple FDA approved HIV screening and confirmatory diagnostic tests, but quickly expanded our capabilities into a wide range of other applications including infectious diseases, women’s health, drugs of abuse, food safety, and biodefense.

What makes Maxim Bio unique?

Maxim uniquely provides the diagnostic industry full turnkey development and manufacturing solutions. We are one of very few contract development and manufacturing businesses that can serve as a one-stop outsourced partner for lateral flow and diagnostic devices. We are capable of supporting our clients at any stage in their product life cycle to assist in achieving go-to-market success.

Why did you choose to run your business in Rockville?

Rockville was an ideal location as it serves as one of the nation’s hubs for biotechnology with close proximity to many innovative companies and government agencies.

Where do you see your business in 5 years from now?

Maxim is looking to continue its growth and build upon our history to continue serving as an industry leader in diagnostic development and manufacturing. We are rapidly expanding our client base allowing us to meaningfully contribute to an even wider range of testing applications that will ultimately further increase global access to innovative diagnostic solutions and technologies.

About MaximBio

MaximBio is a Maryland-based leader in lateral flow and diagnostic device manufacturing, dedicated to providing innovative solutions for the detection and diagnosis of various health conditions. With a commitment to advancing public health, MaximBio specializes in the production of high-quality diagnostic tools that play a crucial role in disease detection and management.

Learn more about MaximBio at www.maximbio.com.

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Business Spotlight: Snowden Funeral Home

George R. Snowden, Jr. , Owner of Snowden Funeral Home

“A Legacy of Celebrating Life”

Could you share the origin and history of Snowden Funeral Home?

Snowden Funeral Home was established over one hundred years ago and has been operated by the Snowden family through four generations. The founder of the firm, George Russell Snowden, handled his first funeral service in 1909 in Howard County, Maryland. After graduating from the Hennard School of Embalming in New York City, he advertised that he was open for business. His hearse was a spectacle to see riding through the county, being drawn by four beautiful white horses. In 1926, Snowden Funeral Home established its Rockville location at North Washington Street. 

Because of ill health, Mr. Snowden turned the business over to his son, Robert L. Snowden, in 1936. Having worked with his father, from meager beginnings, Robert L. had to borrow money and equipment to maintain a properly equipped funeral home. In 1947, Robert L.’s wife, Alma P. Snowden, became a licensed Maryland funeral director and worked side by side with her husband Robert. Her active participation in funeral service ended when she retired in 1971. 

 The funeral home on North Washington Street has since undergone changes to its original structure. In 1947, the original wood structure was moved from its foundation, so that business was not interrupted, while a new structure was built. In 1947 a new brick building for the funeral home was built and an adjoining property was added to expand the business. 

 In 1974, Robert L. Snowden retired and turned the funeral business over to his son, George R. Snowden, Sr., and daughter, Irene Snowden Curry. After the passing of their father in 1979, George and Irene made it their mission to exemplify the same passion and concern for bereaved families which they learned from their parents. Today the Snowden family’s legacy of celebrating life is managed and operated by the leadership of George R. Snowden, Jr. 

How has your business adapted its services and practices over time while maintaining a connection to historical roots?

Although a lot of things have changed since the establishment of Snowden Funeral Home, such as using horse drawn hearse, having wakes at the residence of decease, and meticulously hand carving outer burial containers. What has not changed is our resolve to serve every family that God entrusts us to care for at life’s only inevitable stage.  
Today the Snowden family’s legacy of celebrating life is managed and operated by the leadership of George R. Snowden, Jr. In 2009 George R. Jr. along with his wife Dia H. Snowden took over the helm as the fourth generation, overseeing and managing the day-to-day operations of the funeral home.   

What makes Snowden Funeral Home unique?

Aside from being the only African American funeral home in Montgomery County, Snowden Funeral Home embodies its motto ‘Personal caring service.’  

It is the hope of the Snowden Family that the Funeral Home continues to operate as a family business in the generations to come, and to serve the people of the area with dignity and pride. The Snowden family exemplifies a family with deep roots of strength and unity. 

Are there any community events or initiatives that Snowden Funeral Home has been/will be involved in?

Through the years, the Snowden Family has been generous in their participation and collaboration with churches, community events as well as many charitable organizations. Snowden Funeral Home supports sports teams in the City of Rockville, donates to scholarship funds of many organizations in the County, contributes to many community promoted events and sponsors a back-to-school, Believe to Succeed, backpack campaign to help our youth start the school year off needed school supplies.  

What advice would give to new businesses aiming to become long-standing within the community?

First and foremost, having a heart of service is paramount to maintaining good relationships with others. Caring about their needs and making an effort to ensure that you leave an impression of making someone feel important and cared for. 

About Snowden Funneral Home

Founded by George Russell Snowden, Snowden Funeral Home P.A. has been family-owned and operated since the early 1900’s. Throughout four generations, Snowden Funeral Home continues to provide premier professional services to families at its Rockville location since 1926. Learn more at https://www.snowdencares.com/

Business Spotlight: Lion Solutions

Taija "Taj" Thomas, President/Principal of Lion Solutions

“We Listen, We Observe, We Collaborate, We Deliver.”

What services does Lion Solutions offer?

Lion Solutions is an Enterprise Information Technology Services and Solutions company that delivers technology modernization for public sector government, non-profit and private organizations across Infrastructure Operations for Managed IT Services, IT Professional & Support Services, Operations & Maintenance, Data Center Management, IT Project Management, Continuity & Contingency Planning, IT Hardware & Software Procurement and IT Staffing.

What motivated you to start Lion Solutions?

I’m a native Washingtonian, raised in a single-family household and the oldest of 2 younger siblings. Technology was always an interest to me at a very young age, as video gaming with my Atari 2600 and Commodore 64 propelled my interest in technology. Through my middle-school and high school years I took any and every computer class that was available including “Introduction to Programming”, “Computer Applications”, “DBase” and “Early DOS 6.x”. I later attended Community College in Prince Georges County and transferred to Strayer College as a Computer Information Systems major. Later attended Computer Learning Center in Laurel, MD. and specialized in Network Information Systems and certified as Certified Novell Administrator – CNA back in 1997.

As I developed through my professional career as a subject matter expert, technical lead and mid-level manager which started in April 1998 through January 2016 across many disciplines in Enterprise IT Service delivery, it was time to take my next big step into the next level of leadership, which for me was Entrepreneurship. Lion Solutions was then born on January 19th, 2016.

What makes Lion Solutions unique?

Our approach and mindset to customer relationship building is key to our success as we have adopted the mindset of “We listen, We observe, We collaborate, We deliver” approach of doing business. My 26+ years of subject matter experience and technical leadership is the motivation to the way our team approaches “Leadership, Integrity, Opportunity and Network” LION which everyone is responsible for bringing this type mindset to the customer table. We also organically believe that “customer and community” are one in the same, so our community partners are just as important as our paying customer partners. We must engage and collaborate successfully with both audiences to truly drive change, opportunity and success!

Can you share a milestone that has defined your business’ presence in its industry?

We have a newer initiative that we are truly excited about that is scheduled for programming and launch in calendar Q2 ’24 called our “Career Catapult Bootcamp Program” which focuses on promoting and offering Information Technology training to minority and disadvantaged individuals who are either just newly interested in tech, seeking career change into tech, age discriminated in present job or justice impacted. This program is the bridge to tech-equity for those “who believe they can” or “wonder if I could” be that next tech professional. We focus on supporting and motivating the growth of filling the technology job shortage around technology professionals by providing this 12 – 15hr aggressive bootcamp program through our CompTIA Delivery Partnership. This program will be offered in the Washington, DC Metropolitan area as well as Charlotte, North Carolina in the later year. It’s going to be AMAZING outcomes in our community!

Why did you choose to run your business in Rockville?

I have been living in Montgomery County for almost 20 years and wanted to be sure my business was built in this community. I also spent most of my adolescence growing up in Prince Georges County (our neighboring county, much respect) and made a move to this community to be physically closer to my oldest child during her elementary years. There was a GovCon Incubator Program that provided the necessities, resources and business guidance to support the growth of small businesses that specialize in government contracting which brought our home base out to this specific Rockville community. We have most recently opened a second office presence in Silver Spring, MD.

About Lion Solutions

Lion Solutions is a certified disadvantaged small business that specializes in providing Enterprise IT Services and Solutions to public, private and non-profit organizations. With over 25+ years of experience delivering IT Enterprise Services to Federal Civilian Government we focus on delivering modernized solutions to support digital transformation efforts in driving those missions forward leveraging our customer collaboration focused approach of doing business into the future. Learn more about Lion Solutions at www.lionsolutions.com.

Business Spotlight: Sheladia Associates, Inc.

Headshots of Sheladia leadership - Pravin Sheladia and Manish Kothari
Pravin Sheladia - Chairman; Manish Kothari - President & CEO, Sheladia Associates, Inc.

"Our philosophy has been 'In the success of others lies our own', and we strive to ensure all our clients, partners and communities share our success."

Can you walk us through the history of Sheladia Associates and how it has evolved over the years?

Founded in 1974, Sheladia Associates Inc. initially specialized in transportation design in the metro DC, Maryland, and Virginia areas, serving State and County governments. By the late 1970s, the firm expanded into water resources and architecture within the U.S. and took on its first international project in Haiti in 1979 through USAID. During the 1980s, as an 8(a)-minority owned business, Sheladia worked across Africa, Asia, and Latin America, mainly in the water sector. In the late 1980s, it branched into international transportation design and construction supervision.

In the early 1990s, the firm began collaborating with multi-lateral donor banks like the Asia Development Bank and the World Bank. To date, Sheladia has completed over 1,100 projects for 300+ clients in 80+ countries, covering fields like transportation, water resources, energy, architecture, and technical assistance. Recently, they added a Federal Services division to work with the U.S. federal government and DOD.

Domestically, Sheladia serves clients in Montgomery and Prince George’s counties, as well as Washington DC, including agencies like WMATA, DDOT, and DC Water. They maintain offices in Largo, Maryland, focused on Third Party Design and Permit Reviews, and another in DC for Construction Management. In the last decade, major projects include work on the Dulles Corridor Metro Project and DC Water’s Tunnel Dewatering Pump Station, as well as design-build services for World Bank offices in Kabul and Laos.

 What are some milestone projects that have defined Sheladia Associates presence in Rockville?

Within Montgomery County we’ve completed:

  • Design engineering for Franklin Avenue
  • Design engineering for Upton Drive safety improvement
  • Washington Grove connector-Crabbs Branch way extension
  • Long Branch Library refreshment project
  • Damascus Library and Senior Center refurbishment project
  • Nebel Street Homeless Shelter design project

We’ve also worked on:

  • Dulles Corridor Metro project
  • DC Water Tunnel Dewatering Pump Station
  • World Bank – Kabul office project
Group of people behind a large table in a conference room
Sheladia Associates Inc. staff
How has the economic landscape of Rockville impacted your business’ longevity?

Economic growth of Rockville and the overall county has allowed us to recruit and retain the workforce which are and is the single most important element in our industry

What advice would you give to new businesses aiming to be longstanding fixtures in the community?

Our philosophy has been “In the success of others lies our own” and we strive to ensure all our clients, partners and communities share our success. Engage with the community you live and work in.

What role has the community of Rockville played in the success of Sheladia?

The community of Rockville has been integral to our success, giving us access to a wide universe of talented workers and providing us with proximity to our US clients as well as the international donors funding most of our international projects.  

About Sheladia Associates, Inc.

Sheladia Associates, Inc. is a minority-owned and operated business founded in 1974 and performs work throughout the Metropolitan area and around the world. We design and manage the construction of infrastructure — both physical and institutional — to support economic growth and strengthen the capabilities of our clients and partners. Sheladia is headquartered in Rockville, with international offices located in Asia and Africa. Learn more at https://www.sheladia.com/

Nonprofit Spotlight: Interfaith Works

Headshot of Interfaith Works CEO, Courtney Hall
Courtney Hall - Chief Executive Officer, Interfaith Works

"Rockville is an inclusive, welcoming place to operate as a nonprofit. It is also a convenient, centralized location that is easily accessed by Interfaith Work staff and by our clients."

Can you describe the mission of Interfaith Works and how it aligns with the Rockville community’s needs?

Interfaith Works helps more than 35,000 Montgomery County neighbors each year through vital programs that provide our neighbors with a pathway to stability. That includes thousands of Rockville residents. Essential IW programs located in the Rockville community include: the IW Clothing Center; IW Food Pantry; IW Connections; IW Vocational Services Program; IW Women’s Shelter at Taft Court, an emergency shelter serving women; IW New Leaf, an inclusive emergency shelter, and our newest program. Lon’s House, which provides a supportive, welcome environment for senior men who have experienced homelessness. For people facing a range of challenges in the Rockville community, including job loss, food insecurity or homelessness, IW’s programs are here to welcome and help them, responding to their needs on a tailored, individualized basis.

How has partnering with local businesses enriched Interfaith Works’ impact?

Local businesses and organizations have been extraordinarily generous, both through donations and volunteering. They have provided a range of support for our programs. Including: holding drives for essentials like toiletries, coats and school supplies. volunteering at our programs; and providing donated meals for the residents of our shelters. These businesses and organizations include Snyder Cohn, National Institutes of Health, Original Pancake House, Rockville Rotary Club, Immunocore, and Aurinia Pharmaceuticals.

Can you share a success story or program that epitomizes your work in Rockville?

Mr. Johnson, a Rockville resident since the 90s, is a kind-hearted senior who found himself struggling to make ends meet. He contacted Interfaith Works Connections (located in Rockville at the IW Essential Needs Center) after being connected with the IW Food Pantry (also at the Essential Needs Center).

He reached out to IW Connections for utility assistance, as the burden of bills was becoming overwhelming. A Resource Coordinator quickly assessed his situation and determined that he qualified to receive a grant towards his past due balance. With the support of IW Connections, Mr. Johnson now has peace of mind, knowing that his utilities are taken care of.

What are some of the volunteer or partnership opportunities available at Interfaith Works?

Interfaith Works offers a range of opportunities, including:

  • Schedule time to volunteer as an individual or in a group, sorting clothes or helping arrange food staples at the IW Essential Needs Center
  • Hold a drive for us – we welcome travel-sized toiletries at some of our shelters, for example; our IW Clothing Center would welcome winter coats
  • Share your knowledge and skills with our Vocational Services Program, including helping people with resumes and interview practice
  • More options are listed here: https://www.iworksmc.org/volunteer
Why did Interfaith Works decide to operate in Rockville?

Rockville is an inclusive, welcoming place to operate as a nonprofit. It also is a convenient, centralized location that is easily accessed by IW staff and by our clients. In addition, Interfaith Works has been in Rockville throughout its history and is proud to continue that tradition. That includes IW largest programs at the IW Essential Needs Center, which is home to Interfaith Works’ Clothing Center, the only large-scale free clothing distribution program in Montgomery County.

About Interfaith Works

Interfaith Works responds to the needs of our neighbors by offering four program areas: Emergency Shelter, which serves people experiencing homelessness; Supportive Housing, which provides housing insecure people with housing assistance and supportive services to help them maintain stability; Essential Needs, located in Rockville, which includes the IW Clothing Center, the IW Food Pantry (which provides access to free food and diapers), and IW Connections, which links our neighbors to essential services through counseling and education; and Vocation Services Program, also located at our Rockville headquarters, which helps un- and underemployed people find sustainable job opportunities with an array of services that include resume assistance, interview practice, and training opportunities. Learn more at www.iworksmc.org        

Business Spotlight: Best Western Premier Rockville Hotel & Suites

Jeff Wilder - Owner, Best Western Premier Rockville

"We embody a caring spirit by putting guests first with teamwork, respect and an entrepreneurial spirit..."

How does Best Western Premier Rockville align with or enhance the overall local hospitality and tourism landscape?

Our property is the only Premier in the DC Metro Area, and is an art-filled full-service hotel that puts an emphasis on value, with exceptional amenities, finely appointed upscale guest units, a more contemporary experience of comfort and luxury, and friendly professional service. Simple and elegant, it’s a prestigious expression of the premium accommodation guests have come to expect and deserve.

What special services or amenities does your hotel offer to make it stand out?

Our private 2nd Floor Wing is a unique experience for bridal parties, mitzvahs, and business VIP travelers. Having completed a multi-million-dollar renovation in 2023, the building modernization qualified the hotel for the Montgomery County MD-approved PACE (property assessed clean energy) financing.  By expanding the use of C-PACE in Montgomery County, the hotel is contributing to private sector investment in the community, clean energy job growth and improvement in building quality. This renovation is further evidence of our commitment to our valued guests and the Rockville community. 

Are there any upcoming initiatives or partnerships that you’re excited about?

We have recently been designated as a Veteran Owned Small Business (VOSB)! We are the only hotel in the DC region with this distinguished designation, providing Montgomery County with a unique, value-oriented, superior product.

Best Western Premier Rockville team
Can you share some insights into the leadership style and values that guide Best Western Premier in Rockville?

The Best Western Premier Rockville Hotel & Suites inspires travel through unique experiences by delivering service in a friendly, courteous, and helpful manner. We embody a caring spirit by putting guests first with teamwork, respect, and an entrepreneurial spirit upheld by our commitment to excellence and each team member taking ownership.

Best Western Premier logo
What makes Rockville the ideal location for operating your hotel?

We provide the easiest access to all that Montgomery County has to offer. From Gaithersburg to Bethesda, you can reach your destination in a timely manner.

About Best Western Premier Rockville Hotel & Suites

The Best Western Premier Rockville Hotel & Suites is a completely renovated, full-service contemporary hotel in the heart of the biotech corridor and owned by a U.S. Army veteran. Ideally situated at the intersection of I-270 and Rt. 28 West Montgomery Avenue (Exit 6B), the BW Premier Rockville provides visitors easy, close, and convenient access to virtually all local destinations in Montgomery County and the Nation’s Capital. The newly renovated hotel is just 12 miles from Washington DC and 10 minutes from the Rockville Metro Red Line to/from DC. Learn more at www.bestwestern.com/rockville

Business Spotlight: Omega 3 Nutrition

Bright Djampa - Owner, Omega 3 Nutrition, Inc.

"We are striving to change the way people think about brain health and nutrition. Our goal is to offer products that proactively promote brain health through food. "

What was the inspiration behind starting Omega 3 Nutrition?

I launched Omega 3 Nutrition after my freshman year of college when I realized there was a massive gap in the market space for food that takes care of one’s brain health. I realized that, as a society, we were being reactive about our brain health and not proactive. It was then that I decided to partner with my professors to get help in creating a product that was affordable, accessible, and absolutely delicious, all while working to naturally and proactively take care of one’s brain health.

Can you share some of the challenges and successes you’ve experienced in your first few years of operation?

It was really challenging to secure funding to support the growth of our business. Fortunately, we were able to win three pitch competitions that played a crucial role in getting us to the level where we are today. Additionally, we faced initial difficulties in finding an affordable location to manufacture our Omega 3 products. We started in Hagerstown, then moved to Hyattsville, and finally found our home in Rockville. Here, we are not only content but can also operate at a high level and access the abundant resources that Montgomery County and the City of Rockville offer to businesses.

Bright Djampa poses with Omega 3 Nutrition Mega O's cereal and granola bars
What sets Omega 3 Nutrition apart in a competitive market?

We are striving to change the way people think about brain health and nutrition. Our goal is to offer products that proactively promote brain health through food. We aim to make it more affordable, accessible, and delicious for individuals to take care of their brain health.

What factors led you to choose Rockville as Omega 3’s new home?

Rockville is a very safe community with numerous resources. I appreciate the presence of public transportation, making it easier for workers to commute to their jobs. Additionally, there is a highly developed pool of workers available for hiring, which greatly facilitates our ability to expand and increase our production capacity.

What are Omega 3 Nutrition’s plans for community engagement in Rockville?

Omega 3 Nutrition is committed to actively engaging with the Rockville community in multiple ways. We plan to give back through initiatives such as food drives and other community-oriented programs. Additionally, our presence will contribute significantly to the community by creating a substantial number of job opportunities.

About Omega 3 Nutrition

Omega 3 Nutrition is a brain-centric food company that creates affordable, accessible, absolutely delicious on-the-go food items that work to naturally sustain one’s brain health.  Omega 3 Nutrition creates both cereal and granola bar food items that are healthy, work to sustain one’s brain health through nutrients that have been scientifically proven to do so, and serve as a meal equivalent! Omega 3 Nutrition brain-boosting products work naturally and are meant for all ages not just (+18), our on-the-go nature makes our products more accessible and consumable, and we offer a unique packaging experience that we have patented. Learn more at www.eatomega3.com

Sunflower Bakery shines in People magazine online article

Student dressed in chef uniform poses in front of wall with Sunflower Bakery sign
Photo credit: Sunflower Bakery

Sunflower Bakery's 5,600 sq. ft. facility in Rockville serves as a training facility and retail location

Sunflower Bakery’s facility in Rockville, Maryland, has been making waves not just in the community but also in the national spotlight. Sunflower Bakery was recently featured in People magazine online, highlighting the organization’s journey and impact they have on the community.

People magazine recognized the bakery’s unique approach to creating opportunities for individuals with learning differences. At the core of Sunflower Bakery’s success is their Pastry Arts program, a six-month intensive training program that equips students with valuable life skills and culinary expertise. They also offer a four-day program for high-school students to explore their culinary potential.

Founded by a group of dedicated women, Sunflower Bakery has been transforming lives for 15 years, working with almost 550 individuals across the Washington D.C metro area. Graduates of Sunflower Bakery’s program find employment in various settings, from bakeries to grocery stores and even amusement parks. The boost to self-confidence and development of life skills that graduates gain from the program carry with them into the world.

To read the full People magazine online feature, visit https://people.com/sunflower-bakery-trains-adults-learning-differences-jobs-7968766

About Sunflower Bakery

Sunflower Bakery is a 510 (c) (3) nonprofit, located at 5951 Halpine Road, Rockville, is dedicated to providing skilled job training and employment for adults 18+ with learning differences in pasty arts, production baking, barista service and front of house operations. Their Rockville location is also serves as a retail/pick-up location for their baked goods. Learn more at https://www.sunflowerbakery.org/