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Rockville Economic Development, Inc. (REDI) is a public-private partnership formed in 1997 (formerly known as the Greater Rockville Partnership) by the City of Rockville, Maryland to strengthen and broaden the city’s economic base through business entrepreneurship, expansion, retention, and recruitment programs.

When the commercial tax base increases, that is less revenue that is needed from the home-owner community, and as jobs are added in the City, that is one more opportunity for a Rockville resident to work closer to home.

REDI offers guidance and support to ensure that business ventures in Rockville are successful. Most of REDI’s services carry no charge.

Read REDI’s 2021 Annual Report

Mission: To identify and develop economic opportunities to help Rockville prosper.

Vision: Rockville is a 21st century city for business.


  • Be Proactive
  • Be Innovative
  • Be Collaborative
  • Be Impactful

REDI services include:


Cindy Stewart Rivarde's photo
Cindy Stewart Rivarde

Chief Executive Officer

Contact: Cindy@RockvilleREDI.org

Richelle Wilson's photo
Richelle Wilson

Deputy Director

Contact: Richelle@RockvilleREDI.org

Amanda Bosland's photo
Amanda Bosland

Communications Manager

Contact: Amanda@RockvilleREDI.org

Morgan Wortham's photo
Morgan Wortham

MWBC Managing Director

Contact: Morgan@MarylandWBC.org

Thomas Squire's photo
Thomas Squire

Training & Events Manager-Special Projects

Contact: Thomas@MarylandWBC.org

Angie Duncanson's photo
Angie Duncanson

Senior Business Counselor

Contact: Angie@MarylandWBC.org

Martha Jimenez's photo
Martha Jimenez

Supervising Business Counselor

Contact: Martha@MarylandWBC.org

Nestor Gavidia's photo
Nestor Gavidia

Associate Business Counselor

Contact: Nestor@MarylandWBC.org

Karen Kalantzis's photo
Karen Kalantzis

Associate Business Counselor

Contact: Karen@MarylandWBC.org

Rachele Williams's photo
Rachele Williams

Administrative Coordinator

Contact: Rachele@RockvilleREDI.org



The REDI Board of Directors is made up of volunteer business representatives and residents who live and/or work in the City of Rockville. Appointed by the Mayor & Council, the Board manages the work carried out by REDI staff as adopted in our strategic work plan. The REDI Board of Directors generally meets at 7:30 a.m. on the fourth Thursday of the month via Zoom (until further notice). 

If you would like to attend a Board Meeting as an observer, please use the meeting link included at the top of each monthly agenda. To view board and committee meeting dates, agendas, and minutes, please click here.

Below is a listing of the current members of the REDI Board:

Susan Prince


Lead Health Cyber Operations, The Mitre Corporation at Centers for Medicare & Medicaid

Contact: Prince@RockvilleREDI.org

Website: www.mitre.org

Jennifer Hester

Vice Chair

Chief Human Resources Officer, Emmes

Contact: Hester@RockvilleREDI.org

Website: www.emmes.com

Nancy Regelin

Vice Chair

Shareholder/Partner, Shulman Rogers Law Firm

Contact: Regelin@RockvilleREDI.org

Website: www.shulmanrogers.com

Todd Pearson


Executive Vice President, B.F. Saul Company

Contact: Pearson@RockvilleREDI.org

Website: www.bfsaulco.com

Ahmed Ali

President & Founder, Tista Science & Technology Corporation

Contact: Ali@RockvilleREDI.org

Website: www.tistatech.com

Richard Alvarez

President, Brand Development-Rockville, Brand Institute

Contact: Alvarez@RockvilleREDI.org

Website: www.brandinstitute.com

Ben Anstrom

Mechanical Engineer, Naval Surface Warfare Center Carderock Division

Contact: Anstrom@RockvilleREDI.org


Nikhil Bijlani

Senior Vice President-Product Manager, Capital Bank

Contact: Biljani@RockvilleREDI.org

Website: capitalbankmd.com

Becky Briggs

Founder, OurGiftBiz

Contact: Briggs@RockvilleREDI.org

Website: www.ourgiftbiz.com

Angela Chaney

Partner, Aronson, LLC

Contact: Chaney@RockvilleREDI.org

Website: aronsonllc.com

Dale Cyr

CEO, Inteleos

Contact: Cyr@RockvilleREDI.org

Website: inteleos.org

Rob DiSpirito

City Manager, City Of Rockville

Contact: DiSpirito@RockvilleREDI.org

Website: www.rockvillemd.gov

Marji Graf

President & CEO, Rockville Chamber Of Commerce

Contact: Graf@RockvilleREDI.org

Website: www.rockvillechamber.org

Dr. Kimberly Kelley

Vice President & Provost, Rockville Campus, Montgomery College

Contact: Kelley@RockvilleREDI.org

Website: www.montgomerycollege.edu

Bei Ma

Founder and CEO, The Pinea Group

Contact: Ma@RockvilleREDI.org


Dan Mallon

Vice President, Business Development, Ellume

Contact: Mallon@RockvilleREDI.org

Website: www.ellumehealth.com

Carla Merritt

Senior Business Development Representative-Montgomery County, Maryland Department Of Commerce

Contact: Merritt@RockvilleREDI.org

Website: commerce.maryland.gov

Bridget Donnell Newton

Mayor, City of Rockville

Contact: Newton@RockvilleREDI.org

Website: www.rockvillemd.gov

Suzanne Osborn

Vice President, Human Resource Services, Westat

Contact: Osborn@RockvilleREDI.org

Website: www.westat.com

Michael Scott

Chief of Staff, Humanity Health

Contact: Scott@RockvilleREDI.org

Website: humanityhealth.net

Morgan Sullivan

Executive Managing Director, Jones Lang Lasalle

Contact: Sullivan@RockvilleREDI.org

Website: www.us.jll.com

Bill Tompkins

Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer, MCEDC

Contact: Tompkins@RockvilleREDI.org

Website: thinkmoco.com




Maryland Women’s Business Center

Helping to start and build successful women-owned enterprises that are positioned for long-term growth, the MWBC conducts training seminars and offers one-to-one counseling on subjects including starting a business, writing a business plan, legal assistance, and more. As an official resource partner of the SBA, MWBC trainings and workshops are funded in part through a Cooperative Agreement with the U.S. Small Business Administration. Services are open to men and women from anywhere. Learn more about the Maryland Women’s Business Center



Margaret D., Rockville Resident
Margaret D., Rockville Resident

I love living in Rockville. Our costs of living and housing are lower than they were in D.C., and we have great walkability and access to outdoor amenities. Our neighbors wave hello, there are incredible dining options, and we can still get into the city super easily by car or public transportation whenever we want to. We’ve lived all over the country, and Rockville has been a fantastic place to call home.

Robert D., City Manager
Robert D., City Manager

I appreciate the teamwork of our talented and customer-motivated City staff. We also are grateful for our partnership with REDI and the Chamber of Commerce, who play important roles too.

Todd P. Executive Vice President
Todd P. Executive Vice President

Thank you for all of the hard work you and your staff have put into getting the Twinbrook Quarter Phase I Site Plan across the finish line.  Our experience has been positive and collaborative. I think your folks have done a fantastic job representing the City and its interests, as well as the interests of the residents, while at the same time working with us to find reasonable ways to get things done and creative solutions that are mutually acceptable to the City and the Developer. We work in many different local jurisdictions and a few in other areas around the country.  Your customer service focused approach makes all of the difference between a development that cannot move forward, and one that does and is successful.

Katie B., Rockville Resident
Katie B., Rockville Resident

We moved to Rockville from DC four years ago, and we love it! It is very family friendly — there are plenty of parks, and we love the town center. Everything is convenient, and the area is very walkable. We also love the community here. We live in a diverse neighborhood, and everyone is very friendly!