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Permitting & Inspections

Permitting & Inspections

Rockville Economic Development, Inc. (REDI) is a public-private partnership formed in 1997 by the City of Rockville, Maryland to strengthen and broaden the city’s economic base through business entrepreneurship, expansion, retention, and recruitment programs.

In order to accomplish this goal, REDI offers guidance and support to companies at all stages of growth through a variety of services, which are confidential and mostly without fees. Below is a list of the core services we offer along with additional resources to support your business.

Site Selection Assistance

  • REDI staff can conduct personalized searches for your expansion or relocation needs, while providing preliminary information on zoning. Contact us to discuss your needs.

Fast Track Development Coordination

  • Due to strong relationships with the City of Rockville, Montgomery County, and the State of Maryland, REDI is enable to coordinate with the appropriate departments to assist businesses and developers in expediting projects. Contact us to discuss your needs.

Data and Demographic Research

  • From demographic trends to major development projects REDI serves as a resource for information to help your business make key decisions.
  • For standard data including demographics, major employers and more, visit this page. For customized information please contact our staff.

Business Funding & Incentive Connections

Networking and Referral Resource

  • REDI provides connections with potential clients, partners, and funders with local public and private leaders. Contact us to discuss your needs.

Workforce Development Liaison

  • If your business is looking to hire new employees, or train the existing staff, contact us for information on publicly provided recruitment and training services.

Other Resources

Maryland Women’s Business Center

  • Helping to start and build successful women-owned enterprises that are positioned for long-term growth, the MWBC conducts training seminars and offers one-to-one counseling on subjects including starting a business, writing a business plan, legal assistance, and more. The services are open to men and women from anywhere.

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Rockville Rewards Card Program

  • A buy local effort in partnership with the Rockville Chamber of Commerce, the rewards card offers discounts to more than 100 Rockville businesses for only $25!