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Business Spotlight: Potahto

Founder, Daphne Lee

Creative & Stylish Plant Products, Home Decor & Gifts

What products does Potahto offer?

We offer air plants, planters, cork bark wall hangings, and moss decor.

What motivated you to start your business?

Years spent navigating the corporate world had left me feeling unfulfilled, craving a deeper sense of purpose. I embarked on a journey to create something meaningful, and turned to my love for home aesthetics and plants. The path into entrepreneurship started on Etsy, a creative platform that enables testing and fine-tuning of our products. Nothing is more gratifying than to offer what brings joy while enriching the lives of our customers.

What makes Potahto unique?

Our distinctive designs, coming out with original decor ideas catering to customers seeking low-maintenance and stylish greenery options help set us apart in the natural decor market. We also have the ability to take custom requests that help address specific customer needs.

How has your experience been owning a business located in Rockville?

It has been incredible and I can’t ask for a better location. Rockville is a major economic hub, it’s business-friendly with access to resources like the MWBC Shop Local business incubator program. Being in a vibrant urban town center with residents living within walking distance, it has made our store their easy go-to when it comes to shopping for gifts or for themselves. Rockville is also a destination for many (for personal and work) from outside the city and state, hence exposing my business to a wider audience which is a real boon.

Where do you see your business in 5 years from now?

We see our products in more plant stores and garden centers throughout the country, coast to coast. And filling our team with creative people to help further enhance our brand in spreading joy and improving the well-being of our customers through our plant and natural decor products. And building upon our workshop offerings to empower more people to get in touch with their creativity and offering fun, meaningful experiences.

About Potahto

Potahto has been dedicated to bringing the beauty of nature and plant-inspired decor products to our customers. Our mission is to offer home and plant decor items that are accessible and inclusive for everyone, and to spread joy while doing it. We craft unique natural decor items for homes and offices, bringing life to tabletops and transforming ordinary walls into stunning vertical garden displays.

Learn more about Potahto at www.potahto.com

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Visit Potahto at MWBC Shop Local – Rockville Town Center through June 2024 at 36D Maryland Ave, Rockville, MD 20850 

MWBC Shop Local is a retail incubator program of the Maryland Women’s Business Center (MWBC).