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Business Spotlight: Omega 3 Nutrition

Bright Djampa - Owner, Omega 3 Nutrition, Inc.

"We are striving to change the way people think about brain health and nutrition. Our goal is to offer products that proactively promote brain health through food. "

What was the inspiration behind starting Omega 3 Nutrition?

I launched Omega 3 Nutrition after my freshman year of college when I realized there was a massive gap in the market space for food that takes care of one’s brain health. I realized that, as a society, we were being reactive about our brain health and not proactive. It was then that I decided to partner with my professors to get help in creating a product that was affordable, accessible, and absolutely delicious, all while working to naturally and proactively take care of one’s brain health.

Can you share some of the challenges and successes you’ve experienced in your first few years of operation?

It was really challenging to secure funding to support the growth of our business. Fortunately, we were able to win three pitch competitions that played a crucial role in getting us to the level where we are today. Additionally, we faced initial difficulties in finding an affordable location to manufacture our Omega 3 products. We started in Hagerstown, then moved to Hyattsville, and finally found our home in Rockville. Here, we are not only content but can also operate at a high level and access the abundant resources that Montgomery County and the City of Rockville offer to businesses.

Bright Djampa poses with Omega 3 Nutrition Mega O's cereal and granola bars
What sets Omega 3 Nutrition apart in a competitive market?

We are striving to change the way people think about brain health and nutrition. Our goal is to offer products that proactively promote brain health through food. We aim to make it more affordable, accessible, and delicious for individuals to take care of their brain health.

What factors led you to choose Rockville as Omega 3’s new home?

Rockville is a very safe community with numerous resources. I appreciate the presence of public transportation, making it easier for workers to commute to their jobs. Additionally, there is a highly developed pool of workers available for hiring, which greatly facilitates our ability to expand and increase our production capacity.

What are Omega 3 Nutrition’s plans for community engagement in Rockville?

Omega 3 Nutrition is committed to actively engaging with the Rockville community in multiple ways. We plan to give back through initiatives such as food drives and other community-oriented programs. Additionally, our presence will contribute significantly to the community by creating a substantial number of job opportunities.

About Omega 3 Nutrition

Omega 3 Nutrition is a brain-centric food company that creates affordable, accessible, absolutely delicious on-the-go food items that work to naturally sustain one’s brain health.  Omega 3 Nutrition creates both cereal and granola bar food items that are healthy, work to sustain one’s brain health through nutrients that have been scientifically proven to do so, and serve as a meal equivalent! Omega 3 Nutrition brain-boosting products work naturally and are meant for all ages not just (+18), our on-the-go nature makes our products more accessible and consumable, and we offer a unique packaging experience that we have patented. Learn more at www.eatomega3.com