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Record Funding Invested in Montgomery County Companies in 2021 Q1-Q3

Initial Public Offering(IPO), private investment and venture capital funding topped $18 billion, with Rockville companies receiving over $12 billion

Press Release published by Montgomery County Economic Development Corporation (MCEDC)

Rockville, Md., Nov. 1, 2021 — Thus far in 2021, a record pace for initial public offerings (IPO), private investment and venture capital deals has been set in Montgomery County. Over $18 billion of investment across 76 companies and 87 separate transactions have been made in the first three quarters of the year from January 1 through September 30. The companies receiving funding span major industries from life sciences and health tech to quantum and media.  

Private funding alone surpassed $16 billion, led by global media innovator ZeniMax’s acquisition by Microsoft and Viela Bio’s acquisition by Horizon Therapeutics. In public offerings, more than $830 million was raised, led by life science company MaxCyte and Xometry, a groundbreaker in AI-enabled manufacturing. Venture capital funding also hit a record high of more than $970 million, headed by life sciences companies Arcellx and Sirnaomics and health tech Aledade.  

Announced in celebration of Maryland Economic Development Week, the Montgomery County investments showcase the strength across local industry sectors. This success has a significant ripple effect on the state and county economies through company expansion, hiring of additional employees and new innovative growth initiatives. In 2020, $4 billion was invested in Montgomery County companies; this year through September alone, that number has jumped 450% to $18 billion. 

Here are the Rockville companies that raised funding through IPO, private funding and venture capital in Q1-Q3 2021:

Public Offerings & IPOs

Sensei Biotherapeutics – $133,000,000

NeoImmuneTech – $100,260,000


Private Funding

ZeniMax Media – $8,120,000,000

Institutional Shareholder Services – $1,890,000,000

MacroGenics – $1,308,320,000

Vigene Biosciences – $350,000,000

Cella – $131,930,000

DrFirst – $50,000,000

FNC Title Services – $50,000,000

Tellenger – $2,500,000

ReGeneRx – $1,800,000


Venture Capital

Immunomic Therapeutics – $77,730,000

Innovative Cellular Therapeutics – $40,000,000

American Gene Technologies – $30,000,000

Sensei Biotherapeutics – $30,000,000

Amplio Learning Technologies – $27,000,000

Cellphire Therapeutics – $14,020,000

20/20 GeneSystems – $4,620,000

National Medical Funding Services – $4,000,000

JuneBrain – $1,100,000

PediaMetrix – $982,500

Polaris Genomics – $600,000

Verax Research Services – $525,000

Machfu – $350,000

Premedly – $225,000

Pixspan – $20,000

View the entire list of Montgomery County companies here: 2021 Q1-Q3 Investments – Montgomery County

View the full press release here: https://thinkmoco.com/press-releases/record-funding-invested-in-montgomery-county-maryland-companies-in-2021-q1-q3