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Francisco Cartagena

Francisco Cartagena is the Program Manager for the Bowie State University Women’s Business Center (BSU WBC). He is a dynamic leader in the field of entrepreneurship and community engagement who leverages his extensive experience and commitment to empower individuals and businesses in pursuing their entrepreneurial goals.

Francisco earned his undergraduate and master’s degrees from UMBC at The Universities at Shady Grove, showcasing his dedication to higher education and personal growth. His passion for creating inclusive and supportive environments has driven his career, as he seeks to provide a safe space for collaboration, innovation, and networking among students, program participants, and community members.

Throughout his professional journey, Francisco has been recognized for his contributions to community development and empowerment. His role at BSU WBC allows him to continue making a significant impact, facilitating connections, and supporting individuals in accessing educational opportunities and potential funding sources.

With a focus on fostering growth, Francisco is dedicated to bringing exciting initiatives to BSU WBC and looks forward to collaborating with those who share his enthusiasm for entrepreneurship and transformative leadership.