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June 17, 2016

Wright Management LLC & Wright Brokerage with Nancy S. Stevenson
















1. Why are you located in Rockville? What about the location do you like? 

Rockville allows easy access for both clients and employees to D.C., Maryland, and Virginia by car or public transit. The close proximity of the metro makes travel to D.C. for meeting, conferences, and networking events much more convenient and cost effective.


2. When did you start your company?

September, 2010


2. Who is your client/Customer? 

Property owners, small businesses, investors, and first time home buyers. We assist them by utilizing comprehensive analytical methods.


3. What is next for your company?  

We want to focus on expanding into the government sector. The General Services Administration is in our backyard, as is the  U.S. Government’s commercial leasing and management arm.


5. Who is the most famous/notorious person to visit your business?

Bridget Newton, Mayor of the City of Rockville. She visited our store during REDI’s Business Appreciation Week and left us feeling as if we had new allies on our continuing journey to success.

















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