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Who Is EurekaFacts?

EurekaFacts is a full service research firm that empowers the organizations that work toward a better and safer world. The company fulfills its mission by contributing with insight, research, analysis and predictive models that inform the development of research-based solutions and equip clients with smart approaches for better outcomes. With strengths in marketing research, social science research, human factors research and data collection, the company conducts a wide range of studies. Some examples are brand assessments, customer satisfaction tracking, focus groups, advertising testing, public opinion surveys, and usability tests of devices and web sites.

Company Growth Since Being Featured in REDI’s “Why Rockville?” Campaign 2008/2009…

EurekaFacts has enjoyed significant growth in all aspects every year, and such growth continues to accelerate. From a staff of just a few in the early years, the team today is nearly fifty-strong. EurekaFacts is now completing projects that are of high impact. Since its primary activity includes data collection and statistical analysis, it is not surprising that the firm measures it success by the information value it delivers and the magnitude and impact of the efforts it supports. On this account, EurekaFacts is proud to report that every year they have seen growth in impact, size, complexity and number of efforts in which they are involved. From their origins in supporting work with associations, they have expanded to serve federal, state and local governments. Their work with nonprofit and commercial clients continues to grow as well. In 2013 they moved to a new office that features an in-house multilingual call center for surveys and respondent recruitment, a cognitive lab, and focus group facilities. With talented teams, state of the art tools and brand new facilities that are more than double what they had before, EurekaFacts is always ready to tackle new challenges.

How has your Rockville location helped EurekaFacts?

Since moving to Rockville in 2004, EurekaFacts made it a priority to stay and grow in Rockville. Rockville is close to their client base, plentiful with talented staff and a great place for research. In 2012, and in need of a new home, EurekaFacts immediately looked to Rockville again. Their new facilities are located in an LEED Green Certified building, are accessible via metro, transit and train, and are also just minutes from the beltway. According to Founder and President Jorge Restrepo, “We have found that the city and Rockville REDI partners with small business to help us thrive. I know of no other place that can come close“.

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