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April 19, 2016

Site Selection Assistance

Do you ever find yourself wishing you had an extra hour or two in the day to cook a healthy dinner or take care of that long-needed home repair? Whether it’s working late hours, taking children to their after-school events, or just needing time to unwind after the work day, we routinely place a variety of activities on the back burner. While checking these items off our to-do list would be beneficial, there’s a limit to the time and energy we have.


Similarly, business owners face this dilemma when it comes to exploring the myriad of resources available to help their company. Even though many of these resources are offered without charge, the owner’s time is often spread thin while they run the day-to-day operations of a business and the opportunity to benefit from these resources is missed.


Unfortunately this monthly blog is unable to add a 25th or 30th hour to your day, but it will provide a look into resources available through REDI and our partner organizations that could help your business take the next step. For this initial installment, we’ll begin with a look at how REDI can help you identify a physical site to open or expand your business in Rockville.


An Example Case:

For the past year you’ve been running a startup in a shared office facility, which has kept expenses down as you overcome the early hurdles and begin to build a client base. Thanks to your early portfolio, you recently landed a sizeable contract that necessitates the hiring of staff for the first time. While you’re excited about the opportunity, it becomes clear the shared office will not be conducive to your growth.


How REDI Can Help

1. Set your standards

Our team will talk with you to determine the criteria that best fit your space needs, including overall size, access to parking and Metro, nearby amenities, rental rate and expenses, possibility for future expansion, proximity to complementary businesses, etc.


2. Access real-time information

Once we identify your needs, REDI will conduct a search through a real estate database to find available space that matches your criteria.


3. Give you options

Finally, we will send you a report with information on each of the spaces so you can investigate the options further and see which property is the best fit for your growing business.


While we encourage each company to work with a licensed broker when visiting properties and negotiating a lease, our office provides a helpful first step in the site selection process through an agnostic search of available space in Rockville. Remember that like all REDI services, there is never a charge for seeking guidance on the real estate process from our office.


– Michael Stiefvater, AICP, Business Development Manager

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