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March 4, 2016

The American Dance Institute with Jen O’Brian
















1. When and how did you start your business?

ADI Performance/ Incubator Series started in 2011


2. Who is your target client/customer?


Anybody who enjoys fine arts, dance, unique and eclectic offerings from diverse companies and NYC current performances.


3. Why are you located in Rockville? What about the location do you like?

Founded in 1999 as a dance school, in 2010 ADI embarked on an ambitious strategic planning initiative to re-imagine how the organization could better utilize its resources and expand the range of contemporary dance performance offered in the area.


4. What is the best thing a customer could say to you?

“This is incredible! I loved the show and I never knew you were here –  I WILL BE BACK!!”


5. What social media sites do you have and what is your company’s website URL?     is our website    on Facebook     on Twitter















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