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April 16, 2015

Steps to a Successful Web Re-Design 1 of 3

A good website helps convey your company’s message and purpose to your customers. Ask yourself,  Is my company’s online presence:

  • Generating the results I desire?

  • Aesthetically and technically Outdated?

  • Mobile Friendly?

  • Easy to use?

  • Convey my brand to my audience?

If the answer to two (2) or more of these questions is, No, then it may be time for evaluating your website for a redesign.

A website redesign is a more involved process than some might realize. More strategy and problem solving is happening behind the scenes than simply purchasing a blank template  and photoshop wizardry which if you are serious about your web presence will only get you so far.

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Thanks to Guest Blogger, Dan Serianni, Hindsite Interactive

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