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June 3, 2016

SPS Consulting, LLC. with Kamran Molkara
















1. What product/service does your business sell?

We provide consulting for accounting services and administrative staffing support.


2. Why are you located in Rockville?  

A great majority of the staff and clientele base is located in the area, and we truly enjoy the Rockville culture and ease of access to everything the D.C. Metropolitan area has to offer.


3. What is a little known fact that most customers might not know?  

Most of our internal staff are “locals”–born and raised in Montgomery County.


4. Who are your customers? 

Our customer base runs the gamut from the Montgomery County Government, various United States  Governmental Departments, to Pepco, IBM and the Wildlife Habitat Council.


5. Who is the most famous/notorious person to visit your business?

American singer, actress, song writer, former Miss World America and local resident,  Lynda Carter, aka TV’s “Wonder Woman”.

















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