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Rockville Dealmakers: Nominations


To recognize leasing activity that contributes to Rockville’s vibrant business community, REDI is looking for the most newsworthy real estate deals taking place in the City.

Each month the brokers from one outstanding deal will be featured as “Rockville Dealmakers of the Month” through our newsletter, social media, and website.

Nomination Guidelines:

  • Within the City of Rockville’s corporate limits
  • Involves a tenant occupying space (i.e., no land sales)
  • New lease, renewal, sublease, or purchase

Featured dealmakers will be chosen based on a variety of criteria including the square footage involved, the tenant’s industry and impact on Rockville, and the creativity and collaboration that closed the deal.

Rockville Dealmakers
Please list the names of the other brokers involved on both sides of the deal so they may be recognized.
Examples: the tenant relocated from outside the region, the tenant is in a high-growth industry, a creative strategy was used to close the deal.

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