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July 29, 2014

Rap Highlights Rockville

Earlier this summer Youtube user “Rockville Slim” posted a rap video in tribute to his home city, Rockville, MD. The song is a response to the popular group R.E.M.’s song “Don’t Go Back To Rockville” where band member, Mike Mills, begs his girlfriend not to leave him and go back to her parents. However in this four minute rap “Rockville Slim” argues that Rockville is a pretty great place to go back to!

He gives shout outs to Montgomery College, the local high school, jewelry stores, coffee shops, record shops, mechanics, various ethnic shops, restaurants, consignment shops, biotechnology companies and more destinations that all reside in Rockville.

Although his rap is humorous, he shows that the city of Rockville is extremely diverse and continuously thriving. As Rockville Slim says, we’re “Always comin’ back to Rockville.”

Watch the video here.

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