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October 13, 2015

Pillars of Growth Every Leader Should Know: Part 2 of 3

A few weeks ago, we started talking about three “pillars” that a business owner — or any decision-maker, really — should rely on while evaluating a certain course of action.

The first step is to assess your current situation. You can read more about that here. At the end of that first step, you usually identify an issue or challenge that needs addressing. But for all the SWOTs and situational analyses, you won’t get anywhere unless you design a concrete plan or solution. This may seem like a daunting task, but the process can be easier than you’d expect if you are honest with yourself and your business’s needs. As you move forward, consider using the following guidelines:


Define the problem or challenge. Ask yourself what are you pretending not to see. This sounds simple, but with so much going on, it may be difficult to pinpoint exactly what needs fixing. Time, team and money are usually involved here. Are your numbers on the decline? If so, why? Is there conflict among your team? What’s causing it? Do you or anyone on your staff struggle with time management?


Identify a solution. This can take many forms, of course, from goal setting to confronting a personnel issue. Something to consider: while SMART goals are important, you can be SMARTER by incorporating encouragement and rewards into your goal-setting practice. If you are setting goals, break your goals down to 12-month, 6-month and 90-day sets. This method allows you to work toward your ultimate 12-month goal on a daily basis.


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