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January 17, 2017

New Year, New…Business?

Happy New Year!  And then what?

January is the time for taking stock of where one is: physically, emotionally and financially.  It is the month where more resolutions are made than any other.  We make “to do“ lists that include such items as “exercising regularly”, “eating healthier”, “saving more money”, and “calling our parents more often”.  What about adding, “Start my own dream business”?

Is that on YOUR resolution list in 2017?


Here at REDI, you may already know that our mission is helping businesses launch, locate and expand here in Rockville.  On our website you will see testimonials from Rockville companies on why they have their businesses here.  You’ll find demographic information about moving your company to our city.  You’ll even find resources for Montgomery County and the state of Maryland with regard to having your company based in our region.  But what if none of that answers your resolution?


If you’ve decided to start your own business anlittle sketchy man with pencil making good resolutions for 2017d you don’t know where to start, is still the place for you to go.  Did you know we devote an entire section to information on how to start your business?


We’ve even mapped out the steps for you.


1    Develop a Business Plan.

2    Determine the Business Structure.

3    Explore your financial options.

4    Register your business name and tax accounts.

5    Complete your Employer responsibilities.

6    Obtain the necessary business licenses.

7    Select a location.

8    Obtain the necessary building permits.


Each of these steps comes along with resources we provide you for succeeding in each step.


Simply go to to get started.


REDI is so much more than a marketing tool for current businesses in Rockville.  We have the resources and information you need to start and grow your business in the City.


New year, new you….new business.  With REDI behind you…you’re ready for 2017!



– Stacey Fearheiley, Senior Business Administrator

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