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August 21, 2015

Longman & Van Grack
















1. What year was Longman & Van Grack  founded?



2. What product/service does Longman & Van Grack provide?

We are a law firm that represents both businesses and individuals.


3. What makes your business special?   

All of our attorneys have lived the majority of their lives in Montgomery County.  Each attorney in our law firm specializes in certain areas of law so that we can provide our clients with advice in those areas. 


4. What is a little known secret about your business that customers may find interesting?

One of our attorneys is a former mayor of Rockville.


5. Why are you located in Rockville? 

Our law firm is located in Rockville because Rockville is the center of Montgomery County and contains the County’s Circuit and District Courts.

Longman Van Grack


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