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January 5, 2016

How To Monitor Your Media

There’s an old saying that a person is only as good as their reputation. The same is true in business. And nothing can bolster (or ruin) a reputation faster than a news story. It’s critical as a small business that you monitor what’s being said about you and your industry in the media to ensure what’s out there on the airwaves or the Internet is what you want to be out there.


1) Crisis Communications: Monitor your online reputation and address any concerns immediately. Separate your business from any backlash associated with your industry by staying on top of current news.


2) Media Monitoring: Track mentions of your business and executives along with any talk about your competitors in the media. You can also set up a simple Google alert that will tell you when your business has been mentioned online.


3) Detecting Sentiment: Are you using buzzwords to describe your product or service? Analyze the tone and sentiment of specific terms across news sites to make sure your business is conveying the messages it wants to convey.


Remember that being on top of trends in the media can give your small business a competitive advantage. If you know what’s being said about you and your industry, you can quickly capitalize on the positive and respond to the negative to cast your business in the best light and win more customers as a result.


Thanks to Guest Blogger, On the Marc Media.

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