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June 9, 2015

How to Build Your Brand!

There’s a lot of talk today about “branding,” and with good reason. Branding can be a huge factor in the success of a product (think Apple) or its failure (think New Coke). But what exactly is branding? Simply put, branding is the unique look and feel of your business.


It’s everything from your logo, to your imagery, to the font, colors and language you use in all of your communications–online and in print. A good brand will tell potential customers in an instant what your business is about.


Here are some tips for building your brand:


1) Evaluate Your Brand. Does your brand fully incorporate everything your business is doing? ? If not, consider rebranding your business or product so they’re in sync.


2) Perform an Online Image Search. Look for logos in your industry, and become familiar with the common graphics your competition is using in their branding efforts. Which logos are most eye catching? Which are forgettable? By researching competitors’ logos you can ensure yours won’t get lost in the crowd.


3) Create Your Logo. Decide which colors, fonts, and imagery will accurately represent your business’s values and characteristics.


4) Define Your Brand Personality. If you were to describe your brand as a person, what characteristics would come to mind? Trendy or traditional? Loud or quiet? Playful or serious? This will help define the visual characteristics that should represent your brand.


You’ll be surprised at the difference a good branding effort can make in your business. It is a relatively easy way to set your business apart from others and make you more recognizable in the marketplace. It’s worth spending the time and energy to make sure your brand is the best it can be!


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