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November 28, 2017

How To Do a Holiday To Do List…For Your Business

It is crystal clear how vital holidays are to your clients and loved ones. What is not clear is how to plan, manage and execute all of the necessary tasks to stay in touch with those that matter so much to you and your business. That is why we put together this Holiday To Do list.


Think about those who matter most to you and how you would like to remember them this season. Start to make a list of these people and give yourself 3 days to finalize the list. They could be clients, (past and current), prospects, strategic partners, employees, peers, family members, and loved-ones, etc.


Here are 7 simple tips to make it easy…

      1. Make a list of the people you want to remember this Holiday Season (include their addresses).

     2. Divide the list by the following categories; Holiday Cards only or Holiday Cards with Gifts.

     3. Determine your budget. Think about the relationship you have with the person or company and the long term value of this relationship. Decide whether a card is fine or if a gift should also be sent.

     4. Divide holiday card and gift list into 3 categories (A, B and C categories). This allows for a total of 3 price points, 1 for each category.

     5. Determine the date for sending both cards and gifts.

     6. Select holiday cards and get them addressed with a mail date of no later than November 30th, if you want the card delivered this week and December 8th, if you want your card delivered early in December.

     7. Beat the Holiday rush. Consider sending gifts early this year. Be the first to let those who matter most know how important they are to you.


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Have a wonderful holiday season!


Becky Briggs – Founder – Our Gift Biz

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