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September 4, 2015

HindSite Interactive, Inc. with Payman Taei
















1. What year was HindSite Interactive  founded?



2. What service do you provide?

We are a graphic/web consulting company. Our primary core services rely on the design and development of custom website sites and web/mobile applications and hosting/maintenance solutions. We also provide Branding/Print services.


3. What is a little known secret about Hindsight Interactive that customers may find interesting?

We hardly do any advertising to grow our business. Word of mouth and existing clients is how we grow and we’re excited to play an integral part of it. We run a web application called Visme that is improving the way content is created.


4. Why are you located in Rockville?

We were originally located in Frederick until early 2014. Given we have clients both north of Rockville and South of it, we moved to this area so we can have the same access to our clients without having to travel long distances.


5. What is next for the company?

We will continue to improve our offerings in the area of Web. In the last year, we have expanded to the mobile market as more businesses start to grasp the importance of having a presence that is both web and mobile friendly.



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