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March 18, 2016

Dawson’s Market with Mike Houston
















1. When did you start your business?

September of 2012


2. What is a little known secret about this business that customers would not know?

Our catering department is second to none, we make everything in house.


3. Why are you located in Rockville? What about the location do you like?

Rockville is an amazingly supportive community for a business like ours. (Rockvillians)  want real food grown and produced locally and we try to provide that. (We want to) be a part of the community through events and non-profit partnerships. We Feel a strong sense of community throughout Rockville.


4. What is the best thing a customer could say to you?

That they learned something at Dawson’s about healthy living or nutrition that positively impacted their life.


5. What social media sites do you have, and what is your website URL? is our website on Facebook

-@dawsonsmarket on Twitter












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