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Public Safety

The City of Rockville prides itself on providing unparalleled police and fire protection to the citizens and businesses in Rockville.

Police DepartmentNon-Emergency NumberWebsiteBusiness Programs

Police Protection

City of Rockville Police Department (240) 314-8900 Business Watch, Operation Identification, Business Security Surveys
Montgomery County Police Department (301) 279-8000

2012 Crime Analysis Statistical Report

There has been a 3% decrease in Crime within the City of Rockville for January–December 2012, as compared to the Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) statistics for January-December 2011:

Part I Crime decreased by 10% (from 1,424 to 1281)
Part II Crime decreased by 1% (from 3,480 to 3457)
Overall, Total Crime
(Part I and Part II totals) decreased by 3%
(from 4,904 to 4738)


Murder: 100% decrease (from 1 to 0)
Rape: No Change (from 7 to 7)
Robbery: 17% decrease (from 53 to 44)
Aggravated Assaults: 33% increase (from 39 to 52)
Burglary: 29% decrease (from 260 to 185)
Larceny: 5% decrease (from 988 to 939)
Auto Theft: 29% decrease (from 76 to 54)

Fire DepartmentNon-Emergency NumberWebsite

Fire Protection

Rockville Volunteer Fire Department (301) 424-0310
Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Service (240) 777-2400
Montgomery County Volunteer Fire and Rescue Association (301) 424-1297

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