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Property Taxes

Businesses are charged real and personal property taxes by the City of Rockville and Montgomery County, while the State of Maryland only charges real property taxes.

Property values are determined by the Maryland State Department of Assessments and Taxation (SDAT).

The City of Rockville’s property taxes are billed on the Montgomery County consolidated tax bill in July of each year. Your business’ real property tax bill can be viewed on the County’s website here, while your personal property tax bill can be viewed here.

FY 2016 Property Tax Rates Per $100 of Assessed Property Value

City of Rockville

  • Real Property Tax – Class 1: $0.622 (properties within Town Square boundaries)
  • Real Property Tax – Class 50: $0.292 (properties outside Town Square boundaries)
  • Personal Property Tax – Class 50 Only: $0.805 (properties outside Town Square boundaries)

Montgomery County

  • Real Property Tax: $0.723
  • Personal Property Tax: $0.18075

State of Maryland

  • Real Property Tax: $0.112
  • Personal Property Tax: $0.00

If you want to compare tax rates with other municipalities and counties in Maryland please visit this link.

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