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January 17, 2014

Business Spotlight – Roberts & Team Wealth Management Group

A quick overview:

What year was the business founded?  2012

What product/service does your business provide?  We help teach privately held and family business owners how to coordinate their succession plans with their retirement and estate planning needs.

What is the name/title of the founder/owner? James E. Roberts, President and CEO

Where are you located?  9405 Blackwell Road, Suite 106 in Rockville.

Q.     What makes your business special?

Most financial planners are focused on soon-to-be-retirees existing investment, IRA or 401k accounts.  We focus on what really matters to our clients — their business.  We are not attorneys, but we work to help our clients to design, implement & monitor an effective and efficient business succession plan, coordinating this effort with the retirement and estate planning needs of the owners and their family.

Q.     What is a little known secret about your business that customers may find interesting?

Our founder, James, is a triplet with 2 identical sisters and himself.  Born before fertility treatments were common or even known about by most people, they were the first triplets born at Holy Cross Hospital in Silver Spring, MD.

Q.     Why are you located in Rockville?

We are located in Rockville because it serves as a great central location for a majority of our clients, which span from Virginia to Frederick.

Q.     What is next for your company?

Next for our company is to continue growing and expanding our resources centered on the clients’ needs and desires.  We plan to open a second location near Annapolis sometime in the not too distant future.

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