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February 21, 2014

Business Spotlight – McMillan Metro, P.C. – Attorneys at Law

A quick overview.

What year was the business founded?  1992

What product/service does your business provide?  We provide legal services focused on corporate and business law, commercial real estate, commercial litigation and estate planning.

What is the name/title of the founder/owner?  Our firm is owned and operated by six partners – Donna McMillan, Howard Metro, Ron Lyons, Michael Faerber, Larry Jacobs and John Fredrickson.

Where is the business located? 1901 Research Boulevard • Suite 500 • Rockville, MD • 20850

Q.     What makes your business special?

From your first conversation with any of our attorneys, you will realize that you are talking to an individual, not an institution. We are in practice together because we have unique, complementary personalities. We take real satisfaction in the close relationships we build with our clients.  We also will direct clients to the appropriate attorney with the requisite experience to assure that the work is done in a first rate manner and at a reasonable cost.

Q.     What is a little known secret about your business that customers may find interesting?

We have M&Ms in our office for our clients (and us) to enjoy.  In all seriousness, our attorneys are sought out and well known for their creative strategies for resolving complicated legal issues in the commercial real estate, corporate, commercial litigation and partnership planning areas.

Q.     Why are you located in Rockville?

Rockville creates an environment that allows businesses to flourish.

Q.     What is next for your company?

We are beginning to expand our practices areas to include Artists’ and Creators’ Rights and Legal Issues for Restaurants Owners.

Find out more about  McMillan Metro, P.C.  by visiting their website or their blog.

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