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February 2, 2016

Be Accountable: A Guide to Completing (Acheivable) Business Goals

What does it mean to be accountable? According to Webster’s, “accountable” means, “required to explain actions or decisions to someone,” or “required to be responsible for something.”

In business, being accountable for the completion of tasks and goals—also known as the Accountability Factor—motivates us to succeed because the responsibility is ultimately on us. Accountability is sharing your goals with someone you know who will keep your feet to the fire.

So how can you take responsibility and make sure that you achieve your business goals in 2015? In a Harvard business study conducted years ago, a survey of a class showed that 70 percent of students had no goals, 27 percent had verbal goals while just 3 percent had verbal and written goals. Ten years later, when they interviewed those same folks, the 27 percent that verbalized their goals earned twice as much as the 70 percent who didn’t while the 3 percent that wrote and verbalized theirs earned ten times more than both groups combined.

The lesson to pull from this study is to write down your goals. By writing and verbalizing them, you can see them to fruition in what we call the “90-Day Plan.”

For you and your employees, take the time to write down your goals for your business to be completed in the next 90 days. A good starting point would be now because it’s the new year. Then, each week, discuss your goals, any obstacles and possible methods to achieve them. By writing down and verbalizing goals, you’re introducing the previously-mentioned Accountability Factor. That is, you’re assuming responsibility for that set of goals and understand that you will be held accountable for their completion. The Accountability Factor teaches employees about time management, responsibility and teamwork among other important traits.

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