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March 22, 2016

Appreciating What You’ve Got

It’s fun and easy to get excited about new things – they’re shiny and different and, well, new!!  But it’s the things you already have, that sustain and support you day in and day out, that are really the support that you need to succeed.


In economic development terms, that’s the difference between Business Attraction and Business Retention.


Business attraction often gets all of the headlines – a new company moves in bringing with it new jobs and investment.  It’s exciting! And it’s definitely worth celebrating.


But it’s the companies who are already in your community who deserve some credit, too.  They’ve already created jobs and have been providing jobs and investment in your community for 1, 10 or 100 or more years!  They are often overlooked and taken for granted because of the mere fact that they have always been here.

Can we help

It’s important to celebrate these existing businesses and let them know that you haven’t forgotten that they’re here, and have been here, and that you hope they will be here for a long time.  At Rockville Economic Development, Inc. (REDI), we just celebrated our 11th Annual Business Appreciation Week.  It’s a formalized business retention program that allows us the opportunity to celebrate over 50 local existing companies in one week, and is a great way to reach out to companies that are already providing jobs, services and opportunity in the City of Rockville.


We got to talk to small and large companies, from research firms to service providers to restaurants and everything in between.  And we got to hear how these companies are doing right now, in real time.  It’s a great way to get a snapshot of the local economy.  And it allowed us to just say ‘thank you’ for doing business here – let us know if we can help!


In every industry and every community and for each of us individually, remember to take the time to thank your existing things, whatever they are!


–Laurie Boyer, CEcD, REDI Executive Director

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