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April 8, 2016

The Animal Exchange with Ruth Hanessian
















1. When did you start your business?

August 5, 1979


2. What product/service does your business sell?

We offer locally raised birds & small animals. We also carry supplies for all your pets including dog and cat foods as well as small animal and hay diets. 

We also provide safe and affordable caging along with everything else you need for a long and successful pet relationship.


3. Why are you located in Rockville? What about the location do you like?

It’s a great city. It’s accessible, diverse, and full of really smart interesting people. 


4. What is a little known secret about this business that customers would not know?

After many years of being in business, most customers do not know that I had already raised 3  children before opening Animal Exchange when I was 40.


5. What’s next for your company?

There is no heir in the family, so contact me if you are interested in a great business.

I’m on the lookout for someone who can handle long hours, constantly changing routines, and someone who is friendly with good communication skills.


Animal Exchange














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