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Where are you located?

REDI is at 51 Monroe St., Rockville, MD, 20850.  Our office is located at the intersection of Monroe St. and East Maryland Ave.

If driving, take I-270 to Exit 6, Route 28/W. Montgomery Ave.  Take Route 28 east.  Go straight through the light at Laird St.  At Falls Road/W. Montgomery Ave. turn left to take W. Montgomery Ave.  W. Montgomery Avenue becomes E. Montgomery Ave., and  E. Montgomery Ave ends at Monroe St.; REDI is at 51 Monroe St. For parking options, visit

If taking Metro, take the red line to the Rockville Station.  Go down the escalator and turn left out of the station.  Go up the stairs (or elevator) and cross Rockville Pike using the pedestrian bridge.  At the end of the bridge, walk straight across the plaza and 51 Monroe St, is to your left.

How do I start a business?

To learn how to start a business, please attend the Maryland Women’s Business Center seminars entitled “Orientation to the MWBC” and “ABC’s of Starting a Business”.  These seminars are given monthly in the REDI office.

There are many resources to assist you.

Do I need a business plan?

It’s a good idea.  Writing a business plan will help you test your business idea before you sink money into it.  Landlords, banks and investors require one.  To learn to write a plan, attend one or more of the Maryland Women’s Business Center’s seminars.  Both women and men are welcome.

What kind of money is available for my business?

Businesses are typically funded through a combination of debt and equity.

Debt funding is money that is paid back, with interest, over an agreed-upon time period.  Examples include lines-of-credit, expansion loans, and working capital loans.  Businesses that are already working with a bank may wish to start with that bank when looking for debt financing.

The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) guarantee programs help provide financing to new and existing businesses that may not qualify under conventional bank terms.  Businesses apply for SBA loans through banks and other lending institutions.

Equity funding is money provided by an investor or investment company in return for a specified share of the company.  Some measure of company control may be lost with equity funding.  Equity investors expect to make a substantial return on their investment through the future sale of the company or a future stock offering.

Some businesses may be eligible for public financial programs.

Why should I locate my company in Rockville?

Many Rockville companies will tell you that Rockville’s highly educated population and workforce, international business and residential community, and excellent amenities make Rockville the ideal place for their businesses.  Learn more.

What is the Maryland Women’s Business Center?

Maryland Women’s Business Center

What does REDI do?

Rockville Economic Development, Inc. provides businesses with:

  • Site selection assistance including confidential guidance and referrals
  • Fast track development – REDI’s strong relationship with the City of Rockville, Montgomery County, and the State of Maryland, enables coordination with appropriate departments to assist developers and businesses in expediting projects.
  • Demographics, real estate data, and trends
  • Financing: REDI facilitates access to public and private financing opportunities and economic incentive programs for new or expanding businesses and for development projects.
  • Workforce development: REDI is a liaison to publicly provided employee recruitment and training services.
  • Networking and referrals to local public and private leaders for advice, partnership, mentorship, funding, etc.
  • Educational Programming
  • General Business Guidance

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