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August 18, 2015

8 Keys to Mastering Marketing

Marketing can take many different forms–from print and digital advertising, to social media, to public relations. But regardless of the medium, all marketing efforts should share some key components. Here are eight things every marketing effort should incorporate:

1. Proper Targeting. Are you targeting the right people? What is the age, gender, education level, socioeconomic status, etc. of your target customer? Does your marketing speak directly to them?

2. A Smart Budget. Is your marketing budget sufficient to get the job done? There’s no sense in spending a small fortune when you’re just getting started. It’s best to start small and gradually increase your budget over time as your business–and marketing needs–grow.

3. Information. Yes, you’re selling something, but audiences respond much better to businesses that help them, not just sell to them. Your marketing efforts should be more informational than promotional. Let them see your business as the expert in the industry.

4. Simple Language. Ditch the jargon. All marketing should use simple language that is broadly understood. Even if you’re in a niche industry and doing business-to-business marketing, keep the language easy to read and understand. As your grandmother told you, no need to use a fifty-cent word when a ten-cent word will do.

5. Visual Components. Pictures capture people’s attention–and their imagination. Use imagery whenever possible. Bold, uncomplicated images are best for getting potential customers to take a second look.

6. A Strong Call to Action. Does your marketing tell the person looking at it or listening to it what to do? Does it tell them to call today or make a donation or stop by the store? A good marketing effort will make it clear to the potential customer what their next move should be. Don’t leave them guessing.

7. A Good, Working Website. Whatever your business, you need to have a good, working website behind it where people can go for more information or to place an order. Test your landing pages regularly and make sure everything works exactly as it should. It will save your customers frustration and you unnecessary headaches.

8. A Way to Track Calls. Make sure you know where every call that comes into your office comes from, and use that information for future marketing efforts.

Thanks to Guest Blogger, On the Marc Media.

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